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Well, it's more than just a wish — it's real! Through a strategic collaboration with the Malaysian Government, MyGroser is offering you the best supermarket and grocery product deals that we can in August and September 2020. MyGroser, a homegrown Malaysian company that is run by Malaysians and staffed by Malaysians, is proud to be working with the Malaysian Government to support local businesses adapt to the needs of today and the future.

Part of the Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) effort and in collaboration with MDEC, MyGroser is bringing up to RM1,000,000 in deals, discounts, savings and FREE delivery to you.

What's more, using MyGroser's own temperature controlled deliveries and cloud stores, we offer Freshness Guarantees and same day delivery options that are the cheapest in the country — while ensuring that you get Everyday Value Prices on the food, drinks and everyday essentials that you want and need.

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What's more — finding these deals are EASY! Just check your VOUCHERS page (web) or tab (mobile app) and enjoy the deals there.

Shop Malaysia Online

15 August 2020 — 30 September 2020

This is a campaign that will run together with the MSME E-Commerce Campaign. It is aimed at encouraging and supporting the growth of online shopping by Malaysians. Together with the Malaysian Government, MyGroser is offering a selection of benefits including FREE delivery of products, discounts of up to 50% on selected orders, and special promotional pricing through the campaign period for selected brands.

Convenience, Freshness and Value like never before. Shop online everyday and save Ringgit in so many ways!

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  • The new normal is digital. It is here to stay and you can enjoy it today
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  • Sign up bonuses
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