Get your brand online — for free — and in front of millions of customers today

We’re committing up to RM10,000 per-company in resources, discounts, and support to take your Food, Drinks, Fresh Produce and Everyday Essentials Products and Brands online today.

It’s a brave new world and you’re a key part of it. As the Malaysian economy reopens, businesses require support, kindness, tenacity, grit and hope to make it through this touch period. The Malaysian Government’s answer to this has been several key initiatives through the Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA).

MyGroser, a homegrown Malaysian company that is run by Malaysians and staffed by Malaysians, is proud to be working with the Malaysian Government to support local businesses adapt to the needs of today and the future.

Key Initiatives to support local Micro and Small and Medium Sized Businesses (MSME)

Micro and SMEs E-Commerce Campaign

15 August 2020 – 30 September 2020

This effort includes a variety of promotional, support and marketing initiatives subsidized by the Malaysian Government (including our strategic partner MDEC), and MYGROSER. These are designed to support the recovery of MSMEs like yours.

The world is digital – and you need to be as well. By helping you bring your business online, we are helping you recover faster, and even grow today and in the future.

On sign-up, we will deploy thousands of Ringgit worth of benefits in support of your brand including the effort needed to deploy, register, list, and get your products online. This includes supporting you in getting some of the key promotional materials ready for use on our platform – all of which we will do for you.

We will also be deploying promotional discounts and direct online marketing that will highlight local brands and businesses like yours to help support Malaysia and Malaysian businesses

Shop Malaysia Online

15 August 2020 – 30 September 2020

This is a campaign that will run together with the MSME E-Commerce Campaign. It is aimed at encouraging and supporting the growth of online shopping by Malaysians. Together with the Malaysian Government, MYGROSER is offering a selection of benefits including FREE delivery of products, discounts of up to 50% on selected orders, and special promotional pricing through the campaign period for selected brands.

List your food, beverage, vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and even frozen items to gain access to millions of new customers — for FREE!